Services offered by Revlogs

Returns management

At its most basic this entails transporting and managing products as they make their way from a store or consumer back to the OEM. However Revlogs offers an array of value-adds and any of the other services on this page can be bundled with a basic returns management contract. Find out more about returns management and reverse logistics.

Data and reports

All of our clients benefit from the data we gather while going about our jobs. We’re able to generate reports on just about any aspect of the back-end of your supply chain (from ‘frequently returned products’ all the way through to ‘return rates by store’) and if used wisely this information will have a real and significant impact on your bottom line.

In-house repairs

Managing myriad repair agents can be one of the biggest headaches of returns management, but Revlogs’ in-house repair division Revteq is capable of carrying out both in- and out-of-warranty repairs. The best part? Their database is linked to ours, so we won’t waste a second of your customers’ precious time.

returns management system & product repairs

Why bother with third-party repair agents when Revlogs can do it all?

Repair and returns tracking

The only thing worse than not repairing an item on time is not even being able to say where the item is or what is wrong with. Our web-based live-tracking portal empowers your returns staff with up-to-the-minute information.

Warranty control

You may think your returns staff have are checking whether or not an item is in-warranty, but in our experience many products slip through the net. Fortunately we are able to check whether a product is in or out of warranty even if the customer doesn’t have a slip.


Defective packaging can greatly reduce the value of a product that is actually in perfect working order. We’ll salvage value for you by repackaging such items, thereby allowing you to sell them at full price.

product returns management

Sometimes a fresh start is required – we’ll give it to you.

Innovative solutions to keep repair costs down

Our repair agents are quite happy to salvage fully-functioning parts from written-off appliances to effect other repairs – if this practice falls within your company policy, of course.

Refurbishment and resale

Don’t know what to do with your shop-soiled goods? Revlogs will happily buy these at their own risk, before refurbishing them and selling them at a greatly reduced price.


If you’re landed with a shipment of obsolete packaging we’ll happily deliver it to the appropriate recycling facility for a small service fee.

returns management systems

Some items need to be recycled or destroyed – let us take care of the process.

Disposal and destruction

Some goods simply cannot be repaired. Depending on their nature they must either be disposed of or destroyed. We’ll navigate this complex legal landscape for you, and will manage the process in its entirety. Once a conclusion is reached we’ll provide you with the necessary certification.