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Free up space in your returns store to give extra space for retail. Contact Craig Plowden at Revlogs for a quote.

With Christmas just around the corner you’re probably trying to work out ways to squeeze as much merchandise as you can onto your shop floor. It doesn’t have to be a squash – a smart returns management system will ensure more retail space.

Too much stuff 

We all have it in our own homes – old stuff that can’t be thrown out with the trash but will never be used again either. Clutter.

The situation with retailers is very similar. Returns rooms always end up being a lot more chaotic than initially intended. It is certainly not unheard of for returned items to spill over into other parts of the building for lack of space and it is completely normal for returns rooms to be dusty, grimy places you only visit if absolutely necessary.

It is also very common for these dingy dens to be at the heart of any shrinkage which may plague your business: the chaotic clutter is just too tempting. “No one will notice,” the employee says to himself, “Better I use it than it just gets thrown out at the end of the year.”

And then there’s the simple equation: less clutter equals more retail space.

Fix your supply chain

It is a common misconception that the supply chain ends when a batch of new merchandise is delivered to a retail outlet. This is completely misguided, however, as the chain is cyclical: once bought, a product is either used and enjoyed by the consumer or returned to the retailer – at which point it re-enters the chain. Or at least it should.

If you employ the services of a returns management specialist like Revlogs we’ll take care of every step of after-sales service for you. We’ll run the call centres which will help you to reduce the number of returns in the first place, and we’ll also deal will those items that are ultimately returned.

From the moment an item is returned, it’ll be entered into our database and logged for collection. We’ll take each item where it needs to go. This could be to a repairs centre, the OEM, or simply to the dump. You don’t need to worry about what goes where, as this is our job. And then – a few days or weeks later – repaired or replaced items will be returned to you, where they will either be collected by satisfied customers or put back on the shelves to be sold as new.

Reap the rewards

Now that your returns room is much neater, more efficient and – above all – smaller, you’ll be able to focus on your core business: putting product on shelves and selling it. You will have more space, which means more shelves and neater, cleaner displays. You’ll be to use almost all of your square metreage as retail space, rather than running up overheads on paying for space which has no chance of earning you money.

There will be no forgotten corners, no cramped displays and no need to keep some of your stock in storage. You’ll find yourself ordering less stock and selling more. You’ll have more returning customers and less of a problem with shrinkage.

Reverse logistics can do myriad things for your business, but one of its most fundamental benefits is that it will afford you more opportunities to sell products. It does so by:

  • eliminating the need for large returns rooms, thereby allowing you to dedicate a greater percentage of your premises to retail space
  • maximising the number of items that are on shelf at any time
  • reducing (or even eliminating) the shrinkage which is common in returns rooms

Whether you sell clothing or white goods, books or electronics, I’d love to help you streamline your operations before the bigshopping season. Give me call at one of our regional offices on 011-608- 3968 (JHB); 021-934-2905 (CT); 031-700-5833 (KZN), Craig Plowden, Revlogs MD.

Revlogs offers a specialist returns management service which takes care of the entire process, from retrieving product from the retailer, through to repairing it or returning it to the OEM, and ensuring the new or repaired product is back in the retailer’s hands timeously to ensure the best possible customer service.