You wouldn’t go to a dentist if you had a stomach ache, nor would you go to an architect if you need a bridge designed. If you need a returns management solution, then you need to outsource to an expert.

Craig Prowden, MD of Revlogs, SA’s leading Returns Management service provider.

Sometimes a manager’s most important asset is knowing when to outsource a problem. The more finicky, specialised and tedious the problem, the more chance there is that a third party provider will be able to help. Returns management is a case in point.

We take care of the entire after sales process

Returns management is not just about trucks, crates and transport. Far from it in fact. Revlogs the leading expert in South Africa is able to deal with every aspect of the after sales process – from setting up and manning call-centres which deal with after-sales troubleshooting, to coordinating and making repairs, we have every inch of the back end of your supply chain covered.

By handing over the whole process to us, you’ll be able to sleep easy in the knowledge that your company has market-leading after sales service – something which will undoubtedly ensure that customers keep coming back to you again and again.

We specialise in doing it backwards

In much the same way that Ginger Rogers did “everything Fred Astaire did, backwards and in high heels,” we are the more flexible and versatile younger sibling of traditional forward logistics providers.

While traditional logistics providers deal with neat stacks of uniformly-sized boxes, we transport mishmash consignments of goods. Forward logistics providers are able to use one barcode for an entire shipment; we track each item individually. While conventional logistics is an impersonal matter of ‘getting product from A to B’, we have to forge relationships with retailers, repairs agents, and OEMs to ensure that the journey from B to A is as seamless as possible.

We’ll save you money

Obviously, we’ll charge you for our services, but by signing a nationwide contract for a large range of services you’ll benefit from the economies of scale inherent in such contracts.

When you add this to the fact that we’ll actually make you money in the ways listed below, it becomes a no-brainer:

  • We’ll free up your returns rooms so that they can be converted into retail space.
  • We’ll make sure that returned items are repaired, refurbished or repackaged and are put back on shelf – where they can earn you money – as quickly as possible.
  • We’ll guarantee that repairs are completed timeously thereby eliminating the need to replace customers’ products.
  • We’ll even buy damaged product off you, and salvage value ourselves.

We’ll provide you with invaluable information on your returns

Although our primary business is in handling the returned merchandise itself, a priceless spin-off of this process is the information we are able to provide about the back end of your supply chain.

We track every item which we handle individually, and our powerful database allows us to generate bespoke reports based on this information. This means that we can help you to:

  • Sift out unreliable partners – whether they are retailers, manufacturers or repair centres.
  • Monitor products with recurring faults.
  • Keep abreast of which of your branches or outlets have the highest returns rates.

These are just a few of the most popular reports; we are able to generate reports on any aspect of the returns process, as often as you want them.

If returns management is causing you headaches, Revlogs is there to help every step of the way. Smart decisions reap long term rewards, and contracting Revlogs might be smartest decision you ever make.

  1. We’ll man your call centres.
  2. We’ll manage repairs and replacements.
  3. We’ll give you the data you need to make intelligent business decisions.
  4. We’ll save you money, and we’ll allow you to make a lot more.
  5. We’ll make sure customers keep coming back to you.

This probably sounds too good to be true, but you’d be amazed at the effect an overhaul of your returns management system can have. Give Craig Plowden a call on 011-608- 3968 (JHB); 021-934-2905 (CT); 031-700-5833 (KZN) – he’d love to tell you about what Revlogs has already done for some of South Africa’s biggest retailers and manufacturers.

Revlogs offers a specialist returns management service which takes care of the entire process, from retrieving product from the retailer, through to repairing it or returning it to the OEM, and ensuring the new or repaired product is back in the retailer’s hands timeously to ensure the best possible customer service.