Getting damaged product back through the supply chain is only half the battle. The other half is ensuring that the product is repaired. A sharp reverse logistics provider has in-house repair services.

The supply chain is circular, and moving damaged or returned product back through it is an entirely different animal to delivering neatly stacked pallets of new product to happy retailers. If you’ve been following my blog, you recognise the benefits of engaging the services of a third-party provider who specialises in reverse logistics. These include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

  • Freeing your returns rooms and converting them to valuable retail space
  • Cutting down on store theft
  • Greatly increasing customer satisfaction
  • Maximising profits
Reverse logistics repair services

Having a top-to-tail reverse logistics service that includes repairs sharpens turn arounds and improves customer service.

Making use of a reverse logistics specialist will certainly make retail a lot easier, but their work is still dependent on efficient and punctual service from the repair agents you work with. In America and Europe some of the leading reverse logistics providers have been able to sidestep this problem by providing a one-stop repairs and logistics service. Until now there has been nothing like this in South Africa.

Revteq is the newest addition to the Revlogs group. As an accredited repair agent offers three services to retailers:

  1. Processing out-of-warranty repairs for major retailers. Although most repairs are carried out on Revteq premises staff are able to do store/warehouse visits for larger appliances.
  2. Carrying out both in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs for selected brands and OEMs.
  3. Buying damaged product from retailers and OEMs, repairing it and reselling it directly to the public from Revteq premises.

The benefits of an all-in-one reverse logistics and repairs solution are manifold. Reducing the number of links in the chain saves both time and money and reduces the chance of misunderstandings and hiccups. Put simply, each damaged item will travel a shorter distance, pass through fewer pairs of hands, and spend fewer days off your premises before being returned in working condition to the person who bought it in the first place.

It’s all very good in theory, but doubtless you want an even clearer demonstration of the potential savings.

  • You’ll spend less money on fuel and you’ll need fewer staff members to oversee the process.
  • You’ll save oodles of time thanks to Revteq’s commitment to same-day quotations and a maximum repair time of three days… although they’re normally able to fix things in two days.
  • And you’ll be able to rest easy in the knowledge that all your repairs are being carried out by fully-qualified and experienced technicians who can quite literally fix anything from flat-screen TVs and fridges to curling irons and popcorn makers.

Revteq has been operational in Johannesburg for 5 months, and is rolling out soon in Cape Town and KZN. To find out more give Craig Plowden a call on 011-608-3968 (JHB); 021-934-2905 (CT); 031-700-5833 (KZN).

Revlogs offers a specialist returns management service which takes care of the entire process, from retrieving product from the retailer, through to repairing it or returning it to the OEM, and ensuring the new or repaired product is back in the retailer’s hands timeously to ensure the best possible customer service.