Reverse logistics can take many forms, but what retailers want is a client-centred and fuss-free system. This includes collecting, reporting, repairing and returning. Revlogs MD, Craig Plowden, unpacks the process.


The reverse supply chain

The first link in the reverse supply chain is the ‘Proof of Collection’ sheet, which retailers send the day before collection is due. Usually Revlogs drivers visit each location on a daily basis. Drivers collect all (and only) items that are on the ‘Proof of Collection’ sheet. This forces your storemen to run a tight ship – one of the benefits of reverse logistics. The same drivers visit the same collection points every day, and as such are able to establish working relationships with the gatekeepers.

As soon as we collect an item, we verify its collection and it is fully traceable on our system. Depending on the type of return, each item may go to one of a number of different places:

  • Most returned products can be repaired. We either take care of these repairs at our in-house repair centre Revteq, or we deal directly with a third-party repair centre to ensure that the items are repaired timeously and professionally.
  • Faulty items are returned to their origin, the OEM. Once again we handle this process in its entirety, and our tracking system enables us to see if any particular product might have a recurring fault.
  • In some cases, Revlogs buys damaged product from the client and we salvage what value we can, at our own expense.
  • Some of what is returned is beyond redemption, but it cannot just be thrown out with the trash. Whatever the case may be, we ensure that all waste is disposed of legally and affordably.

Soldering_a_0805 (1)-3The reverse logistics process is nowhere near as neat as forward logistics, but the great thing is that you, the client, don’t need to worry about any of the nitty gritty. Revlogs handles that headache.

The reporting process

We provide reports of all of the items that we handle. The reports include information such as average repair time per agent; faults per product/manufacturer and returns per store.

These are just a few examples. The fact is that reports can be generated on absolutely anything you request, as often or as seldom as you want. Our database is so thorough that it allows you to have eyes in the back of your head, and many of our clients comment that the data we provide them is almost more valuable than what they originally hired us for!

Reverse logistics fees

We work out our fees according to your needs. In some cases we charge a set monthly fee, while in others we charge per item. Whatever fee structure you choose, one simple fact remains: we handle all reverse logistics needs for retailers.

Revlogs focuses on giving peace of mind, by:

  • making sure returns are handled as efficiently as possible
  • providing reports which allow retailers to improve future efficiency
  • charging in a manner which suits each business’s unique needs

3 Great Reasons why Reverse Logistics makes returns management easier

–       drivers are at the stores, repair agents and OEMs every day

–       returns within 72 hours of repair

–       reverse logistics tightens retailers’ grip on stock