Implementing a state of the art returns management system has numerous benefits. Some are obvious and some not so much. But our years in the business mean we can assure you that they are all most definitely real.

  1. Reduced costs

Obviously employing the services of Revlogs will cost you something, but we can absolutely guarantee you that in the long run it will save you money. Thanks to our considerable experience we are able to see the ‘bigger picture’ when analysing the back end of your supply chain. This means that  we get things right first time round…And we all know that time is money.

  1. Less admin

Once a return has been logged by a retailer or OEM we take over. We track it on our database. We take it  to wherever it needs to go. And we manage the entire process – a task which is made far simpler through reduction of touch points which is achieved through the integration capabilities, business rule work flows, and standardised management reports found within a RLM solution.

  1. Protected revenue and income

Employing a reverse logistics specialist like Revlogs will help you to understand how much revenue and income is at risk in the back end of your supply chain. You’ll achieve this because of our end-to-end functionality and continuous monitoring of reverse logistics procedures such as recalls, returns, and warranty service.

  1. Liability protection

Incorrect product disposal can carry heavy fines, but Revlogs won’t just make sure all destruction and disposal is taken care of legally, they’ll also keep up-to-date records of the process so you can avoid drawn out legal proceedings about something that took place years ago.

  1. Optimized resources

If your returns management system is ineffective you’re almost certainly not using your inventory, transportation assets and employee allocation as effectively as you could be. Through business rules and better data, Revlogs will help to conserve and manage your resources.

  1. Gains in productivity and efficiency

Poor reverse logistics processes are both slow and unwieldy. This results in poor customer satisfaction and wasted money. With its standardised processes and procedures Revlogs will streamline the back end of your supply chain and allow you to sift out unreliable suppliers, partners, and repair agents.

  1. Improved customer satisfaction

And, no, we’re not only talking about end-users… OEMs, 3PLs, and retailers can all dramatically improve customer satisfaction by putting self-monitoring reverse logistics processes in place. Improving turnaround times, issuing credit correctly, and expediting replacement requests are just a few of the ways this can be achieved.

Revlogs is the only specialist reverse logistics company in South Africa.

Revlogs has warehouses and fleets in all of South Africa’s major cities.

In short, employing the services of a specialist provider like Revlogs will result in a significant return on investment that more than justifies the decision to ‘trust the experts’. In the first year you’ll already be seeing higher gross margins and reduced operating costs, not to mention improved customer satisfaction and service quality. And that’s a promise.