Are your returned goods getting back to the warehouse?

Revlogs (Pty) Ltd specialises in the entire reverse logistics process and provides companies with the best possible reverse logistics solution. Only 60 to 80% of returned goods ever make it back to the manufacturer’s warehouse or holding site*, which can represent massive company losses.

* Aberdeen Group: Best Practices in Reverse Logistics, January 2007


Tailor made solutions designed by reverse logistics experts

Our company directors and senior management have a combined service record spanning many years in the supply chain industry. More specifically, in the reverse logistics environment, we dedicate our time to investigating and adapting international best practice reverse logistics processes for the local environment.

Our managing director and company co-founder, has completed a Masters Degree thesis in reverse logistics best practice and the implementation thereof to capture maximum value of returned products for our client base.

The Revlogs consulting team pride themselves on being at the leading edge of reverse logistics implementation models through constant best practice adoption and adaption process. This ensures a reverse logistics management solution is tailored for each individual client.


Managing the reverse loop

Revlogs own a fleet of vehicles, which operate regionally in

  • Gauteng – Offices in Longmeadow
  • Western Cape – Offices in Airport Industria
  • Kwa-Zulu Natal – Offices in Pinetown

Our fleet of vehicles ensures that consumer returns are collected on a daily basis and managed through our various hubs where reason codes are allocated to each return after sorting and before being sent to either the OEM or repair/packaging/liquidation agents.


Turning an expense back into a revenue

Reverse logistics repair services

Having a top-to-tail reverse logistics service that includes repairs sharpens turn arounds and improves customer service.

Through one of the Revlogs subsidiaries, namely Revteq, Revlogs is able to carry out the salvage and/or repair of most returned products. The only product Revlogs is not currently involved with is food.

The Revteq business now enables the Revlogs Group to provide a full suite of reverse logistics services to our clients which includes everything from managing credit notes on behalf of our clients to providing liquidation channels through which our clients are able to recapture value from returned, outdated or discontinued product lines.

The Revlogs group are able to provide repair services to both in and out of warranty products by making use of the qualified technicians employed by the Revteq business.


Back to the consumer

Using the Revlogs fleet of vehicles, we manage the re-delivery of product from either repair agents or the Revlogs facilities to our clients and consumers. We provide the service to both corporate clients and the South African consumer.

The Revlogs fleet is also used for home deliveries and collections. Through the complete reverse logistics services offered by Revlogs, our clients benefit in the following ways:

  • More free space in either DC’s, warehouses or retail outlets in which to pack saleable stock as opposed to hording returned or damaged product.
  • A clean trail of the product movement through the reverse process.
  • An outlet where our customers are able to reclaim the value of returned and/or damaged product.
  • A liquidation channel for discontinued or outdated product.
  • Full reporting via reason codes on cause of damage or return.



Call us to find out how we can positively impact your business processes and profitability.

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