Customised reverse logistics solution

Develop a customised solution to specifically enhance the benefits your organization will derive through the returns process

We entrench ourselves in and become responsible for the benefits derived from effectively managing your reverse logistics function. We give you total piece of mind that your returns are being processed in a manner which results in maximum procedural and financial benefit to your organization. Customised, intelligent reports are compiled on a weekly basis so that your management has the information and tools at its fingertips to make strategic decisions to benefit the profitability of the organization.

Key Features:

  • Detailed product tracking
  • Identification of wasted expenditure
  • Fast track processing
  • Constant reverse logistics process improvements
  • Intelligent data gathering for effective business decisions

Online Returns Management

Track the product returns online at a SKU level thereby allowing our clients to better forecast the return process and cycles

At the touch of a button, we provide tracking data at sku level for our customers. Our customers are therefore fully aware of what product to expect from which customers or sectors before the product is received at a specific facility. The various touch points are monitored and tracked against any SLA throughout the process. Online tracking gives our customers sight of returns (where a customer was previously blind) and allows them to plan the receipt before it is delivered.

Key Features:

  • Sight of product through an online portal
  • Effective management of third-party SLA’s
  • Notification at each touch point node
  • Better returns forecasting

Returns processing off-site

We provide returns processing centres for our clients.

We process product returns off-site for our customers. By offering this service, our clients free up dead space and replace it with good stock for distribution. The returns are processed at lightning speed to ensure credits are processed to gain maximum benefit for our clients. The processing results in various “returns buckets” being created for our clients. Each returns bucket derives a different benefit to the client which results in savings and improved profitability over time.

Key Features:

  • Electronic processing
  • Allocation into various return statuses
  • Feedback loop to clients

Product Repair Management

We manage customer and shop-soiled repairs for our clients. Through our national network of brand accredited repair agents, we can allocate customer repairs and manage the SLA and turnaround times.

We ensure that our customers’ after sales service is seamless which in turn gives our retail customers a competitive edge and creates immense loyalty from their consumers. The brands who use us for this service experience brand loyalty as a result of exceptional after sales service. We manage it all in the background.

Key Features:

  • Repairs management of all brands
  • Repair allocation processes
  • Repair SLA management
  • Minimal turnaround times on repairs

Re-packaging process and secondary liquidation channels

Returned product is re-packaged in our facilities and sent through either the primary or secondary liquidation channels

We offer a re-packaging service which concentrates on either loading product back into our customers sales pipe or alternatively, preparing product for sale through secondary liquidation channels. Both processes allow our customers to recapture value from the returns.

Key Features:

  • Re-packaging processes
  • Re-sale through secondary markets
  • Re-sale through sales pipeline (primary)
  • Recoupment of costs

Disposal and Product destruction

Professional disposal and destruction services

Depending on the product, various environmental laws govern their destruction or disposal. We have a team of specialists who ensure proper disposal or destruction takes place according to environmental law. Certificates of destruction or disposal are issued to our customers for full audit disclosure where necessary.

Key Features:

  • Environmental procedures followed
  • Destroyed according to environmental laws
  • Disposed according to environmental standards
  • Certification issued