How to smarten up your repair process and improve turn-around time

Getting damaged product back through the supply chain is only half the battle. The other half is ensuring that the product is repaired. A sharp reverse logistics provider has in-house repair services.

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Data from returns management empowers retailers

Most retailers contract a returns management specialist in an attempt to overhaul the back end of their supply chain. But Revlogs MD Craig Plowden has noticed that often the benefits to the front end of their supply chain are even more valuable. Here’s how…

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Returns management clamps down on store theft

There is nothing worse than store theft or ‘shrinkage’. It devours your business from within, cutting into profits and demoralising honest employees. Fortunately, Revlogs has the answer: overhauling your returns management system will create an environment in which it is impossible for criminals to thrive.

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Smart returns management frees up retail space for more Christmas product

With Christmas just around the corner you’re probably trying to work out ways to squeeze as much merchandise as you can onto your shop floor. It doesn’t have to be a squash – a smart returns management system will ensure more retail space.

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